(WJHL) – It’s been three years since Mikayla Evans survived a fall from the window of Sean Williams’ downtown Johnson City apartment window. She is warning people to be aware of their surroundings, as he is now an escaped inmate.

“I lost it and started crying, thinking, oh no, if he gets away we’ll never see him again,” Evans said when she first heard the news about Williams escaping.

Evans believes something was not done right when Williams was being transported to Greeneville for him to be able to escape.

She warns others how dangerous he is.

“Just because he’s not done it to you doesn’t mean he won’t do it to you,” Evans said. “Or that if you don’t know him, make sure you familiarize yourself with his face, how his hair is cut, whether he’s shaved head, even if he’s not, he’s got just a little bit of stubble on top of his head. Maybe picture him with a shaved head, with and without glasses, with contacts, whatever.”

Evans said she’s more concerned for the safety of others than her own right now.

“I’ll probably worry about other people, their safety more than mine, just for the simple fact they’ve probably spoken more publicly than I have,” Evans said.

She said there are places people can go to stay safe.

“I’m willing to take you in my house and help you out too,” Evans said. “But I do know there are safe houses that can help. And I’m sure the DA or FBI, somebody can help with witness protection if they’re that scared.”

She wants people to lock their doors, and remember to use other safety precautions as Williams is still on the loose.

“Just stay alert, watch your surroundings, don’t walk to your car by yourself,” Evans said.

“Get some pepper spray,” Evans added. “I mean, self-defense keychains, certain ones do different things. Make sure that you can protect yourself, even if you don’t have somebody that can help you.”

Evans believes Williams is still in the area and hopes he is found so that he will stand trial for his charges.

“If he was smart, he would have went and got away,” Evans said. “But there is, I would say, unfinished business that he needs to take care of first.”