SCOTT COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) – After Scott County emergency officials asked county leaders for help, the Board of Supervisors voted to approve funding so they would not have to lay employees off.

On Wednesday, emergency officials expressed that they were having trouble making payroll at a county meeting.

On Thursday, the Board of Supervisors voted to approve $180,000 in funding through the American Rescue Recovery Act to go to the three life-saving crews in the county.

Nickelsville Rescue Squad, Scott County Lifesaving Crew and Duffield Fire and Rescue will each receive $60,000.

Scott County Board of Supervisors Chairman Danny Mann said the money is to help with payroll.

“It’s not like they have it at their disposal, but if they have an issue and right now, they do,” Mann said.

Scott County Lifesaving Crew Treasurer David Gilliam said the money will be crucial.

“We’re just not getting the money coming back from Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies,” Gilliam said. “We’re not getting enough to operate on.”

Gilliam said increased prices for medical gear and medicines, as well as lack of volunteers, are some of the financial stressors emergency services are facing.

“We are lucky sometimes if we get one or two applications a year,” Gilliam said. “Used to we’d have five or six each month.”

Mann used to volunteer with the lifesaving crew himself and said he hopes this funding will provide some relief.

“The biggest thing I want to let them know is that I know they don’t squander the money,” Mann said. “We will do whatever we have to to provide the EMS coverage in our county.”

“We hate to have to come and ask for money but with the pandemic and things, the money just ain’t coming in like it used to,” Gilliam said.

Scott County emergency officials said they expect to receive the money at the beginning of next week.