JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Students at Science Hill High School were reminded via a demonstration just how important seat belts are to their safety.

Law enforcement brought the Tennessee Highway Seat Belt Convincer to the high school Thursday. The device is used as part of the state’s campaign to remind Tennesseans about the importance of driving safety and the dangers of distracted driving.

Students were able to sit on the car seat, which then simulates a crash if the vehicle were moving at seven miles per hour.

“Whenever they get off the simulator, they appear somewhat shaken a little bit, and they are a little wide-eyed,” said officer Tony Ward of the Johnson City Police Department. “I think it really gets the message across to them that they need to wear their seat belt.”

Officers at the school told News Channel 11 that the simulation plants the seed in students to get into the habit of putting on their seat belts as soon as they get in a vehicle.