(WJHL) – Police radio traffic sheds new light on the moments leading up to the deaths of two escaped inmates from Sullivan County.

According to the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina, a pursuit began after Tobias Carr and Timothy Sarver robbed a convenience store while armed in Sneads Ferry early Saturday morning.

Carr, Sarver, and a third inmate who remains at large, Johnny Brown, escaped from the Sullivan County Jail late Thursday night.

Surveillance cameras captured Carr and Sarver entering the convenience store on Saturday. Police said they robbed a clerk at gunpoint before fleeing in the clerk’s car. While police were speaking with the clerk following the robbery, the stolen vehicle with the suspects inside was seen driving past. Police said they tried to stop the car, but the suspects fled and a pursuit began.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) confirmed the pursuit ended with the deaths of Carr and Sarver, but no information was released on how they died.

Police Radio Traffic
—Onslow County SO: “We are coming up on Eastern Outfitters in a minute.”
—Dispatch: “10-4 Eastern Outfitters.”
—Onslow County SO: “Code 1 on One-Eleven.”
—Dispatch: “10-4 speeds at One-Eleven.”
—Onslow County SO: “6-3-8 we just got into construction zone, we are at the 24 mile marker. 100 miles per hour.”
—Onslow County SO: “3-4-1 Elizabethtown, we are crossing 20 mile marker advise Pender County Sheriff’s Office 6-3-8 will be at the 15 spike strips go ahead.”
—Dispatch: “Reference 10-43, can advise there should be a handgun and a rope in the vehicle.”
—Onslow County SO: “Code road 10-50 standby, county we have shots fired.”
—Dispatch: “10-4, shots fired.”
—Brunswick County SO: “We are 10-12 for K-9, possible self-inflicted GSO. Not able to pursue at this time, driver is still moving.”
—Onslow County SO: “10-52, 10-18, we got gunshot wounds self-inflicted.”
—Dispatch: “3-11, correct reference gunshot wounds.”

During the pursuit, an Onslow County deputy advised “shots fired” over the radio before saying “possible self-inflicted GSO. Not able to pursue at this time, driver is still moving.”

A Brunswick County deputy said, “we got gunshot wounds self-inflicted.”

News Channel 11 reached out to the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation again Wednesday, but the agency could not confirm that either man died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. The SBI said investigators were awaiting the autopsy results to confirm the causes of death for both Carr and Sarver.