LEBANON, Va. (WJHL) – The Russell County Board of Supervisors will consider a resolution to restrict abortion access in the county by making it a “pro-life county.”

More than 100 people filled the Russell County Conference Center, calling on supervisors to institute a resolution that would discourage abortion providers from coming to Russell County.

The resolution, filed by Supervisor Steven Breeding, said the board “hereby declares that it has no interest in the recruitment, facilitation, or support of any companies whose business activities serve to initiate, support, or expand” abortions.

Breeding said the resolution is aimed at protecting life from conception to death. It also includes human trafficking, elder abuse and drug trafficking as threats to human life.

Several citizens expressed concern for the potential for abortion clinics from neighboring states with trigger laws that would outlaw abortions to move to Russell County.

Some cited the example of the Bristol Regional Women’s Center, which recently opened a clinic in Bristol, Virginia after Tennessee announced its trigger law would take affect.

“It has been stated that there’s no need for such a proposal since we do not have an abortion clinic in Russell County, but we are already seeing abortion clinics fleeing from states,” said resident Sandy Hess during public comment.

Some residents called on the county to create more awareness about adoption and foster care as alternatives to abortion.

Breeding said that is part of the plan.

The resolution called for a “public meeting to request input from citizens, churches, and other coalitions or organizations to determine possible measures to be adopted within the means and power of the local government in order to provide support for mothers and fathers of pre-born children.”

“There’s probably other groups who would like to participate in developing some ways we can address these issues, some substantial ways,” Breeding said.

In Virginia, Governor Glenn Youngkin has called for a 15-week abortion ban.

Nate Kiser, chair of the Russell County Republican Party, said the resolution will call on the governor to institute a full ban on abortions.

“We want to send a message to Governor Youngkin that he should stand up for pro-life all the way to conception,” Kiser said.

Several stated they hope a passage of the “pro-life county” resolution would encourage neighboring counties to do the same.

Board of Supervisors Chair Lou Wallace said the resolution has her support but warned residents of what could come if the resolution passes.

“There are different views here, so please remember as we slide down this slope, are you ready for what you open up?” Wallace asked.

A public hearing will be held on the matter at the board’s September 5 meeting.