ROGERSVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — Rogersville City Schools on Tuesday launched the HUDDLE Program presented by The Legends of Tennessee.

HUDDLE — an acronym that stands for having undeniable dedication, discipline and leadership everyday — focuses on students and utilizes resources to identify, understand and cope with mental health and wellness.

Jabari Davis, Chris Treece and Jon Poe, all former UT Lettermen, were invited to kick off this program.

They held breakout sessions that focused on bullying and depression, building self-esteem, suicide prevention, social media safety, nutrition and health and general wellness. These sessions are smaller in size and allowed the students and speaker to have a closer interaction.

“A lot of kids don’t really know how to process trauma and you put them back in school without really giving them the type of therapy that they need,” Legends of TN President Jabari Davis said. “You put them in a positive situation, and you can find success. A positive mind is the success to everything, and that equals a positive heart.

“It’s the way that you view people. That you can love and see the beauty in people and understand that everybody’s different and special and life is just like a roller coaster. You’re going to have some highs, you’ll have some lows, but eventually with time, it’ll get a lot better you just got to believe it.”

Eighth-grader Eli Boyd said that the speakers gave him a different perspective on a lot of things — including social media.

Rogersville City School faculty and staff were excited for the students and grateful for their community.

“When I reached out to some local businesses they didn’t hesitate,” Michael Bowman, the leadership and district behavior coordinator said. “They saw an incredible need and they funded that…

“I’m grateful that our community cares about student health, and like we said, we really hope that this is a launching point that other schools see that we really need to be taking care of the mental health of our students. We want them to know that they are seen, that they are being heard and that what they’re going through — that they’re not alone and we really want to unite children all across schools to know that they’re being cared about.”

There was a drawing for a $100 gift card, autographed posters and cups.

For more information click The Legends of Tennessee. Information about Rogersville City School can be found on their page.