RNC chair discusses bomb mailings, Blackburn, & Trump visits to Tennessee


Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel downplayed the influence the recent pipe bomb mailings will have for Republican candidates this election. 

In an interview with News Channel 11’s Josh Smith, McDaniel said voters will base their vote on other issues, like the growing economy and tax cuts. 

“Voters are going to vote based on issues and they’re going to look at the parties and what they’re presenting and Republicans have delivered results in Washington,” McDaniel said. “Higher wages, jobs are coming back in this country especially in Tennessee. You’ve benefited from tax cuts and deregulation. And Democrats have run on resist and obstruct.”

McDaniel was also asked about the president’s recent and planned visits to Tennessee to support Marsha Blackburn’s senate bid and whether that is an indication the Republican party does not view her victory as a sure thing. 

“I think Marsha is going to win,” McDaniel said. “Her numbers are very strong, but listen, you have a Democrat in Phil Bredesen who is running like a Republican.  He’s saying all these things to the voters of Tennessee…I’ll go work with the president…I’ll be a moderate voice in Washington…and it’s just not true.”

The RNC chair also said Republicans have prepared to take on Democrats across the country in order to prevent them from taking control of the Senate, House, or both. 

“The RNC has been preparing for that. We’ve raised record money. We’ve made 60 million voter contacts. We’ve built the largest ground game in history…because we know those historical trends. So, I am going to wait until every vote is counted. We’re going to fight for every vote.”

Election Day is November 6.

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