ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) – Elizabethton High School alumnus Evan Carter delivered a key hit in the World Series, helping the Texas Rangers secure their first title in franchise history and solidifying his place as a local legend.

Ryan White, a former hitting coach at Elizabethton High School, said he has known Carter since he was 12.

“His dad had asked me to come work with him hitting and take a look at where he was and his progress at the time,” White said. “I said let me see him hit 10-15 balls, and I’ll just see what he’s got. I remember having the conversation at the end, and his dad’s like, ‘Well, what do you think?’ And I was like, ‘What do you need me for?”

White said he could see Carter’s talent from the very beginning, and it wasn’t a surprise to him when Carter was offered to sign with the Texas Rangers right out of high school.

“Any time that you help a young adult get from point A to point B of their goals, it’s why we do what we do,” White said. “Whether we’re teaching, coaching, or helping anybody, that’s always the ultimate goal.”

Evan Carter’s former teammate, Karson Dillard, remembers what it was like playing on a team with Carter.

“He was a great teammate to be with, but he was a leader,” Dillard said. “He kind of kept to himself a little bit, but he was a guy you can count on, and he was fun to play with.”

Dillard told News Channel 11 that Carter is also a devoted Christian.

“The message that he portrays, he went out before that first game and he had his ‘Jesus won’ T-shirt on,” said Dillard. “I think carrying that message is a huge part of who he is.”

Evan Carter signed with the Rangers in 2020, but he spent three years in Minor League Baseball before becoming a part of the Texas Rangers team in September 2023.

“He was a workaholic, he worked at his craft daily, and that showed in his performance,” said Carter’s former assistant coach, Reid Casey. “He was also an incredible teammate, and I saw him grow personally into a leader.”

Evan Carter’s signed jersey and bat are on display at Elizabethton High School as a sign of pride from the school and the community.

“I look back and just I remember the consistency that he brought every single day, he helped us win a lot of games,” said Casey. “But more than anything, I think he is just an incredible role model, we’re very proud to call him a Cyclone.”