JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL)- Wednesday night’s protest looked much different from previous nights. A different demonstration was canceled earlier in the evening due to safety concerns.

That group- marching from Founder’s Park through downtown and back to Fountain Square a few different times. Some members told News Channel 11 they came from surrounding counties in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

“I come up here every day and I protest with these guys and no matter if I don’t know them or not… they always make me feel like I’m family. They always show me support and love,” said Travon Brown from Marion, Virginia.

There were about 50 people marching but no fireworks or stopping traffic to the streets of Johnson City.

“You can’t tell people how to react when they’re hurt. You can’t tell people how to feel when they’re angry. You can’t tell people how to see things when they’re seeing through grief and pain,” said Aaron Rashad Valentine who encouraged the group via megaphone.

Over the past few days, protests have been made up of several groups. A Jonesborough business owner said she’s determined to peacefully protest during the day. She said she heard threats connected to a planned event Wednesday night- so she called it off.

“I can’t sit on a threat and not put it out there because it is on me. I’ve put my name on the line to encourage peaceful protesting,” said Katelyn Yarbrough. “There is nothing wrong with the two different ideologies. It’s the chaos and the mayhem that some people are searching for and they’re not in the common cause.”

Several people from different groups told News Channel 11’s Anslee Daniel they plan to be back for another night of demonstrations Thursday.