BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – The Bristol, Virginia landfill has been an ongoing topic of discussion from residents and officials in both Virginia and Tennessee.

The Bristol, Virginia City Council is scheduled to discuss the ongoing efforts to combat the odor coming from the landfill Tuesday night.

Protesters with signs were seen outside the meeting Tuesday. The messages on the signs read “STOP! TRYING TO KILL US!,” “DUMP THE DUMP” and “HELP US,” as well as others.

An agenda of the meeting from the City Council states that the landfill update is the first matter scheduled for discussion.

In October, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality released a response to city residents about their concerns related to the landfill, saying three notices of alleged violation had been issued to the city. The DEQ also said they continue to work closely with the city and said the new gas collection wells should be helping with the odor.

In Bristol, Tennessee, city leaders announced they had reached a deal with city officials in Virginia to have access to the landfill so an independent study of the site could be conducted. Bristol, Tenn. leaders also said in a post to Facebook that they had hired a toxicologist to analyze and share the findings from the study.