Principal: Daniel Boone student who fell off moving vehicle passes away


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — A 16-year-old student at Daniel Boone High School has died after he fell off a moving vehicle on Sept. 12.

Daniel Boone principal Tim Campbell told News Channel 11 that Jonathan Coglianese passed away at the Johnson City Medical Center on Monday. He was surrounded by family at the time of his passing, Campbell said.

“We were all hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately, we didn’t get that. All of the students here, no matter the age are like our own children. It hits you really hard when you get a call like this,” said Campbell.

Coglianese was a junior at Daniel Boone and was described by Campbell as a fun-loving student with many friends.

“Jonathan always had a joke, he always had a big smile. You were going to have fun when you were around him,” he said. “If you talked to him for more than 30 seconds, he had a joke picked out for you. He had a great sense of humor. He loved UT Men’s basketball. You wouldn’t be around him very long until you realized he’s the life of the party.”

Students painted a parking spot in his honor Tuesday morning.

“Students got here at 6 o’clock this morning. They started painting. They’re going to add more things to the parking space. Tomorrow, the remainder of our student body is going to bring flowers, stuffed animals, trinkets, that sort of stuff to memorialize Jonathan,” said Campbell. “We had a small memorial for Jonathan’s family in the gym. The gym was 100% quiet. Everybody’s trying to cope in their own ways.”

Campbell says Jonathan leaves behind a brother who is a senior at Daniel Boone. Their father is hospitalized with M.S. with their mother being the only one able to provide for the family according to Campbell.

“When we found out about what had happened with Jonathan, the mom had to take a leave of absence from work, which I believe is unpaid. That puts the family in more financial hardship. When you’re dealing with your child in the hospital, they’ve got to be there,” said Tony Barnes, the president of the Gray Community Chest.

The Gray Community Chest is taking donations for the Coglianese family.

“Our community chest will also be helping financially as there might be a light bill, water bill come due that they’re not able to meet and that’s where we’ll try to fit in and help as much as we can.”

Campbell said there are extra counselors as well as local youth leaders and adults at the school Tuesday. They will remain at the school for support throughout the remainder of the week.

Over the Summer, Senior Mickayla Dugger passed away in a car accident.

“You never recover from it. It always is one of those things that you hope doesn’t happen again, but unfortunately, it has,” said Campbell.

Students will wear orange to Friday’s homecoming game instead of red and gold in honor of Jonathan and Mikayla. Orange was both of the students’ favorite color.

The Kingsport Police Department (KPD) first reported the Coglianese’s accident on Sept. 13. The KPD stated three 16-year-old boys were driving on Patriot Way and that one was “either sitting on the passenger door window sill or clinging to the outside of the vehicle.”

Investigators said there was no collision, but one of the boys, now identified as Coglianese, fell from the vehicle and hit his head.

Donations for the Coglianese family can be made to the Gray Community Chest at P.O. Box 8024 in Gray, Tennessee 37615.

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