KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL)- Court documents obtained by News Channel 11 reveal more about what happened after police responded to a reported murder on Sunday.

Officers responded to a mobile home on Barnett Drive after the landlord reported concerns, “over alleged marital issues between” Jennifer Carr and Tobias Carr, her husband.”

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According to court documents, “Tobias Carr was refusing to let family in or exit the residence.” The court documents continued to read that, ” Tobias’ mother, Tammy Carr, was on the phone with him and told officers that “Jennifer is dead, he killed her” and that “he is ready for you guys.”

“Our detectives were obviously called to the scene when her body was discovered and they began what was an extensive, lengthy investigation that took the remainder of the day up into the evening hours,” said Officer Tom Patton of the Kingsport Police Department. “At that point they were able to develop probable cause that she had died at his hands.”

When officers asked Tobias Carr to come out of the home, they reported that he complied.

Court documents also revealed that Carr told police where his wife was inside the home.

Police detailed in the report that they believed, “…Tobias disposed of the clothing he was wearing during the assault.”

“A domestic type situation is very hard to, or if not, impossible to predict or to deter,” said Patton. “A police officer can’t be in every living room or every bedroom when a quarrel breaks out between a husband or wife.”

Tobias Carr also reportedly told police that only himself and Jennifer were present and that “no one else was involved.”

“With intimate partners there can be a lot of emotion and its best to let cooler heads prevail,” Patton said.

So far, Kingsport Police are not sure of the cause or motives for the murder.

Neighbors in the 300 block of Barnett Drive are still trying to make sense about what occurred.

“It’s a crazy world, and it’s getting crazier everyday,” said Tony Hamby, who lives not far from the scene. “It’s a loss for somebody all the time when you loose people that’s close to you and unimaginable.”

“You never think it’s going to happen around you,” he said, “then it does.”

Carr is now charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

He is currently being held without bond.