UPDATE (05/08/2021 12:43 p.m.) — The City of Norton revealed that Norton Police Chief James Lane is in stable condition following surgery after a shooting at a shopping plaza Friday night.

The City of Norton asks for prayers and support as Lane continues to heal.

UPDATE (05/08/2021) — Ballad Health CEO Alan Levine tweeted Saturday morning that the teams at Norton Community Hospital and Johnson City Medical Center continue to work toward Lane’s healing.

Lane was shot twice during Friday night’s shooting near a Norton Walmart.

NORTON, Va. (WJHL) — Investigators have released the name of the suspect in Friday’s shooting that injured Norton Police Chief James Lane.

James Dyer Buckland, 36 of Pound, has been charged with attempted capitol murder, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Chuck Slemp said the police chief was in “stable condition.”

Previous photo of James Dyer Buckland (Photo: Pound Police Dept.)

The shooting happened near the Norton Walmart. According to Virginia State Police, Lane was responding to a call about a shoplifter at a business on Commonwealth Drive.

“As Norton Police Chief James Lane pulled up to the parking lot, he encountered a male pedestrian,” VSP said in a release. “The man began shooting into the chief’s vehicle, striking the chief. The chief returned fire.”

Norton Police Chief James Lane

State police say a Norton police officer also fired at Buckland. A handgun belonging to the suspect was recovered at the scene, VSP said.

Lane and Buckland both suffered gunshot wounds and were flown to Johnson City Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries.

“There were several units on the scene very quickly, helping secure the scene, helping provide first aid to both people that were shot, so with the tourniquets and things like that to stop the bleeding till rescue got here and they were transported,” Wise County Sheriff Grant Kilgore said.

“Today, we live in violent times. Law enforcement takes a beating every day, and we have some of the bravest men and women in the world right here in Wise County and every police department you want to look at who want to do the right thing to keep their communities safe,” Kilgore said.

State police are investigating the shooting.