Update: The Carter County Sheriff’s Office informed News Channel 11 that as of Tuesday night, the incident was no longer under investigation and the owner had been able to locate and recover the money that had disappeared.

No further details were released.

ROAN MOUNTAIN, Tenn. (WJHL) — A Carter County man reported a hefty loss of cash to the sheriff’s office Friday, claiming he left a bag full of money on his kitchen counter before heading to bed only to hear a noise later in the night and discover it had vanished.

The man told police he withdrew $50,000 cash from his bank on June 3 to purchase land and build a house in South Carolina. He returned to his residence at 5:30 p.m. and left the cash-filled bag on the counter before eating dinner and heading to bed.

Around 11 p.m. as he lay in bed, according to an incident narrative penned by the responding deputy, the man heard a noise and left his bedroom to investigate. He alleged he saw an unrecognizable vehicle with its lights on across the street from his house before it traveled toward the Tiger Creek community.

The man told deputies with the Carter County Sheriff’s Office that he turned toward the counter to peer into the brown paper bag, which had held a blue bag containing the cash. While the brown bag remained on the counter, its contents were nowhere to be found, the man told police.

All doors had been locked before he went to bed, the man told police, and investigators did not find any signs of forced entry. The man, who revealed he did not have security cameras, also told police he believed only a person with a key could have gotten into his home.

The man showed police his bank account, which reportedly showed that he did withdraw $50,000 that day.