GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — A planned RV campground has some Greene County residents concerned.

Aimee Eucce lives right down the road from where the new RV site would go and worries that the infrastructure in the area can not handle the traffic the campground would bring.

“It’s just going to bring a lot of traffic to a little teeny tiny road where you can’t even have two cars pass on our road,” Eucce said. “It’s not possible, if you look at it, it’s just a one-and-a-half lane road.”

The RV site is currently zoned under agriculture use (A-1), something Eucce wants to change.

“Most of our county is designated A-1 and so that means anyone can just come in and put up a campground,” Eucce said. “They won’t consider roads and winds and other factors it just plops next to you and you have to like it or not it’s there to stay.”

If the county decided to re-zone the site it could be labeled as a business zone (B-1) which would require the establishment to be located in an area that can handle the traffic the campground could bring.

“The argument is that these folks are allowed to come in here and stay on a permanent or semi-permanent basis,” said county Mayor Kevin Morrison. “They’re not paying any property tax, so they’re not subject to any type of other fees and increases and things like that.”

Eucce said she moved her family here from California to escape the busyness and high traffic and has concerns about how the traffic could affect farmers.

“We’ve got hay balers and farmers that travel with hay down the road and with cattle down the road and all sorts of things,” she said. “And if you can’t have two cars pass on the same lane, what about the safety for the farmers?”

Morrison said that the county is looking into these concerns.

“The planning commission now is going to go back and look or discuss to see what needs to be done to again more appropriately categorize these things,” Morrison said.

Eucce has started a petition online to bring awareness to the issue. She hopes she can change some of the zoning regulations to prevent issues like this one in the future.