DICKENSON COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) — On Monday, the Dickenson County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) and the Town of Haysi announced they’re working toward a master plan for the former Haysi High School site.

An in-depth study of the site began in June 2023, which is set to examine the feasibility and viability of the development of the former high school by examining civil items, existing site characteristics, site access and utilities, the IDA said.

The study will also reportedly provide two more concept layouts based on potential building footprints.

“The feasibility study should provide valuable data and other useful information that will help determine the best use of the former Haysi High School site,” said the Town of Haysi Mayor and Chairman of the Dickenson County IDA, Larry Yates. “Since the property is one of the better sites that can be used for Economic Development in our Haysi community, we need to be able to make informed decisions to ensure the property serves community needs.”

The Dickenson County IDA submitted an application to Virginia Energy for consideration in the Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization Program. If selected, funding will be utilized to prepare the high school site for future development, a release said.

“Our hope is that our efforts can line up with the completion of the Army Corps of Engineers 202 floodproofing project currently underway in the Haysi area of the county,” said Dana Cronkhite, Dickenson County Director of Economic Development.

The IDA said the next step in the project is conducting a traffic study on the site. The study will reportedly be funded by a grant from the Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority (VCEDA) awarded for site development of the former Haysi High School site.