A pizza delivery driver told police she was harassed by a customer who sent her inappropriate text messages and answered the door while scantily clad.

The incident allegedly happened last Wednesday at a home on Price’s Grove Road near Rogersville. 

According to a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver, a customer called in a delivery order for a $6 sandwich that afternoon. The female driver who delivered the order said the customer, a man in his late 20’s, was overly flirtatious with her during the encounter. 

About 90 minutes later, the same customer submitted an online order for a single 20-ounce Sprite.

“She again delivered the item but this time he was not outside to get the item,” the incident report states. “She called him by name but he did not reply so she reluctantly used her personal phone to call him.”

The driver said the man answered and invited her onto his porch, saying he would be right out.

The man eventually opened the door while “almost naked” and tried to get her to come inside according to the report. 

The driver said she quickly left but the man later sent her “very inappropriate” text messages even after she asked him to stop. 

No arrests were made, according to the incident report. The deputy referred her to private prosecution.