KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Main Street in Kingsport was filled with a variety of cars Saturday for the Fun Fest car show.

The event, which has been hosted by the Daniel Boone Car Club for many years, featured dozens of cars and trucks, old and new. Hundreds of guests stopped by to check out some of the rides.

“We have a variety of different cars here anywhere from – there’s a ’29 Packard over there, we have the history on that car, all the way through to newer cars, there’s a guy over there – he’s got like a 1992 Honda Prelude, all cars are welcome here today. And so we have classics and we have newer cars and everything is always welcome at our show here for Fun Fest,” said Dave Williams of the Daniel Boone Car Club.

Williams said that they hope events like this will inspire younger people to join car clubs and keep the tradition of car shows alive.

The club is already planning to have another show at the Allendale Mansion on Spet. 18, registration is $15 and all cars are welcome.