WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — The parents of two victims involved in a now-complete assault investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) at Daniel Boone High School have filed an appeal.

In February, the TBI determined a former Daniel Boone High School football player inappropriately touched and assaulted two of his teammates.

The teen was charged with two counts of Assault-Offensive Touching and three counts of Aggravated Assault.

Nashville attorney, Gary Blackburn represents the two victims of the alleged Daniel Boone High School Football team assault incidents.

“We have pointed out various things that are missing and asked that those be addressed there has been some retaliation against these boys that have been tolerated that needs to be addressed,” Blackburn told News Channel 11.

Although a lawsuit hasn’t been filed, he said the victims’ parents have filed an appeal of the School System’s Title IX investigation.

“I have received nothing with regard to interviews with the coaching staff or interviews specifically with administration people about what they knew and when they knew it,” Blackburn said. “Those things I need to know to make proper decisions.”

“If it’s a Title IX investigation, why are we not being given information about the knowledge of the coaches, the administration of the school and the school board itself? When did they first know this was going on? That’s important information. Eventually, we’ll find that out.”

Washington Co. Schools Superintendent, Jerry Boyd said that based on the school system’s investigation, there isn’t evidence suggesting that coaches or administrators were aware of the alleged assaults.

“I don’t have any information to verify that. But, you know, I do know, as I said, if we get more information and deliberate actions need to be taken based on that additional information, we certainly will do that,” Boyd told News Channel 11.

The appeal process could take several months.

“It is an appeal of the investigative process, whether there’s a question of whether there were mistakes in the process by the complainant or there was some important information that was either overlooked or left out,” Boyd said. “And so a third-party hearing officer has been identified. And we’ll review all the records from the investigation process, from both parties the school system and the complainant.”

“And then they will make a decision based on that information to verify if there was an error in the process, whether there was missing information that needs to go back and be identified or reviewed. So, you know, I think that piece is important for everyone to understand. And also, I mean, the third-party impartial hearing officer was assigned and supported by the Board of Education in the sense of we felt it was important.”

Boyd was unable to discuss student discipline or personnel issues and said he couldn’t discuss what exactly happened that led to the charges. Previously, Boyd said the student charged is no longer affiliated with the school system.

“We’ve already begun administering the student discipline, you know, as well as addressing any personnel issues that we need to based on that,” Boyd said.

He told News Channel 11 that steps are already being taken to prevent situations like this from happening, in addition to the training that’s already required.

“We want to include more of our students, also have the information that’s more readily available to our families, assure there are more policies and practices around expectations,” Boyd said. “And certainly, avenues that anyone that feels like they’re a victim what steps they need to take to get support.”

Boyd anticipates more information about the incident to be made public once the appeal has been heard.

“At some point, I believe strongly we owe the [public] some summary [of what happened]. And I believe, you know, through the guidance of the board’s attorney and others,” Boyd said. “I hope we can provide that to the community and we’ll go from there. But I think that summary will also be the steps that are being taken to prevent future incidents like this.”

The results of the appeal will also likely be when the victims and their families could decide whether or not to file a lawsuit.