BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) — People, churches, schools and businesses filled downtown Bristol Thursday night with the Christmas spirit.

Beth Rhinehart, President and CEO of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce said there’s something about the spirit of a parade at nighttime.

“People love a night parade; they ask when it was moved to the day if we could bring it back at night. There’s something about the spirit and feeling of having the parade and the lights at night,” said Rhinehart.

The Bristol Chamber of Commerce says they’ve been having Christmas parades for more than a century to kick off the holiday season.

“Every year we talk to people who come from all over Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia for this and especially when you have drawers like the Clydesdales and others that are here. People love to see those majestic animals, but you know it’s such a big tradition and I think that puts people in the spirit,” said Rhinehart. “It’s early December, we just ended Thanksgiving, so this [parade] is one of those things that kicks off the holiday season.”

More than 150 floats were in the parade on Thursday.