JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Community members gathered at the American Legion Post 24 location for a Pearl Harbor Ceremony led by the Tri-Cities Military Affairs Council (TC-MAC) and the David Crockett High School ROTC on Sunday.

TC-MAC historian, Allen Jackson, brought members back to the day when their family members would have heard of the bombing.

“That was our grandparents and our parents or our great-grand parent’s 9/11,” said Jackson.

“Lives were lost. Three thousand at Pearl Harbor,” said TC-MAC President, Sam Jones. “We never want to forget these dates. [The bombing of Pearl Harbor and 9/11] are two of the most important dates in American history.”

Jones says when TC-MAC first formed, they realized there wasn’t a ceremony in the region to remember this tragic day.

“One of the most important days in American history: the bombing of Pearl Harbor. And so we determined then to never let that die,” said Jones.

Jones has a personal connection to that war too. He brought memorabilia to the ceremony from his parents’ service in World War II.

Jones’s father served in the army air corps and his mother was a teacher in the Blountville-Kingsport area that was trained as a pilot for the war effort.

He uses these items to share his parents’ experiences.

“A lot of people don’t have memorabilia,” said Jones. “I’m just grateful and thankful that we do. That I can take it to other shows, to different events, and share that information with others of what my parents were able to do.”

TC-MAC says people can use this event in history to better our future.

“Always look at history as a ball and that ball rolls and if you don’t learn from the history with it, when that ball rolls back around, and it has that same imprint or that mark on it, you’re going to repeat those again,” said Jackson.