SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — People enjoyed their Labor Day holiday at Boone Lake. It might be the last few days of the summer season, but it’s also the last few days of the lake’s second season of being at a normal water level.

Bo Parker spent the holiday watching people enjoy their water activities.

“Well, this is our first time coming to see Boone Lake and Dam since it has been finished,” said Parker.

Bo Parker enjoys her Labor Day in the nice weather at Boone Lake. (Photo: WJHL).

The Boone Dam was under construction for seven years as workers repaired a sinkhole at the base of the dam that caused water to seep through.

“Most people have come back,” said TWRA boat officer John Ripley. “We’ve seen an increase in boat traffic this summer. People are coming back to Boone, coming out and enjoying it.”

The discovery of the sinkhole led the Tennessee Valley Authority to keep lake levels low for years.

Ripley said a lot of people were afraid to get back on the water.

“People were afraid of either floating debris or trees that may have grown up, but TVA and the Boone Lake Association have done a good job of clearing that stuff out and making the lake just like any other lake in this area,” Ripley said.

Just by seeing the people enjoying the water, it’s hard to believe it was just a year ago since the dam project’s completion.

“We’re just here with some friends from church,” said Beth Kent. “We’ve got the paddle boards. We’ve got some food. We’re enjoying the sun. Yeah, the kids will be in the water all day.”

Ripley said TVA will start lowering the lake for the winter season on Monday.

The Boone Lake Association holds a cleanup every year on the last Saturday of April. This year’s cleanup attracted over 300 volunteers who removed trash, tires, and debris from the shoreline and water of the lake.