Operator of downtown Johnson City bar says security has increased in light of recent shootings


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The general manager of a different downtown Johnson City bar says they have increased security following the fatal shooting at Tipton Street Pub.

Early on the morning of Friday, Oct. 15 a fatal shooting occurred at Tipton Street Pub after an argument. The suspect in the shooting, Jonathan Murphy, has since been charged with second-degree murder.

Murphy was previously arrested in May 2021 for a different shooting that occurred inside Numan’s Sports Bar & Cafe. Police reported at the time that Murphy was arguing with another person, which led to him firing a weapon and injuring an uninvolved person.

Janine Broyles, the general manager of Numan’s, told News Channel 11 that the bar has put security measures in place that had never been thought of as necessary until recently.

“We have increased our security along with it, we’ve changed a lot of things we never had to worry about before,” Broyles said. “We want everyone that comes through the door, and we just make sure everyone’s safe in our establishment.”

Broyles said Wednesday that she believes both Numan’s customers and the employees are safe when they are in the bar.

Broyles also said she has noticed what appears to be more dangerous incidents occurring since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“When businesses had to close and then when they started opening back up, we had a different clientele for a little while where people were coming from out of town,” Broyles said.

Johnson City Police Chief Karl Turner told News Channel 11 on Tuesday that he plans to meet with downtown business owners next week to discuss safety. Broyles said that as of Wednesday, police have not spoken with her directly about increased safety.

Turner said the department has added a second patrol officer to work the downtown area each night since the fatal shooting. Broyles said she believes the police are doing their best to ensure safety with the resources they have available.

“They’re cruising through on a pretty regular basis. They cruise the parking lots on a Friday and Saturday night, of course, the busier nights. They kinda line all of Main Street starting probably around 12 to 1 {a.m.} and they are a presence.”

In relation to the May shooting inside Numan’s, Broyles said that she understands the single shot fired to be a misfire.

“That’s the only shooting we’ve ever had, ever,” she said.

That shooting is what prompted Numan’s to begin wanding for all patrons, which Broyles says has been effective. She said there are plans to install a metal detector in the future, and security personnel is still turning away people who are found to be armed at the door.

According to Broyles, while there is a slow in customers after incidents like the shooting at Tipton Street Pub, it is not enough to make a significant impact.

“It slows it down, just for a little bit, ’til I guess people get to feeling comfortable again,” she said. “But not significantly. Our business has still done well.”

Despite recent gun-related events, Broyles says she still believes downtown Johnson City is a safe environment for the most part.

“I still feel that downtown is very safe,” Broyles said. “The police do a good job of patrolling, and most of the places don’t have a problem. You have the rogue, the occasional person that for some reason thinks it’s OK to carry a gun where they go and just to pull it on people. But I feel that it still is a very safe downtown.”

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