BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – From 1933 to now, it’s been a long journey for the Bristol, Virginia post office building located on Piedmont Avenue.

It was built in 1933, the same year that prohibition ended in the United States. As part of intense investments into downtown Bristol, the ornate building passed from a series of owners before it caught the eye of Honey Rodgers in 2022.

“We looked at lots of different opportunities,” Rodgers said. “Businesses for sale, looking at different franchises. I happened to be downtown one day and the building really just found me.”

After a sneaky glance through the business’s windows and a walkthrough, Rodgers knew this was the one. To launch her new venture, she wanted to revive the space for the area to enjoy.

“I have been a business owner previously, they were smaller ventures so this was a larger animal for me to tackle,” Rodgers said. “Downtown Bristol has been a community unlike anybody else I’ve seen in business.”

The venue has a focus on two main areas: an open-floored hall on the ground floor and an underground speakeasy bar underneath. Both spaces can fit hundreds of guests, and are supported by renovated service facilities on both floors.

For weddings, Rodgers has turned the top floor into multiple suites for couples to prepare for the big moment. Multiple stairwells mean each party can set their perfect pathways to the altar.

“The age and history of the building, for me, has been the best part of it,” Rodgers said. “This at one time held primarily men, who were the primary ones outside of the home working in the 1930s, so for me being a woman and creating a new business in that space has been kind of cool too.”

Rodgers said she hopes her business will do the ornate styling and intricate ironwork justice, and is confident that there’s something in the space for everyone. If you’re not planning on tying the knot anytime soon or already have, Rodgers said there’s still plenty to enjoy in the Speakeasy downstairs.

“This is a rich area for bootlegging and moonshine,” Rodgers said. “And so that’s been kind of fun to kind of play with those parts of history.”

Starting in October, visitors of the Speakeasy can take a set of stairs down to a barricaded door and activate a surprisingly modern Ring doorbell to gain entry. Rodger said much of the prep work is still underway, but when it’s together she’ll be excited to bring guests back to the roaring 20s.