SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL)- Observation Knob Park has been closed since March 15, which was shortly after campers were told to vacate the campground. On Wednesday, county officials held a lottery drawing to determine who will occupy the 88 seasonal spots for the upcoming season.

Campers interested in getting a seasonal site were able to put in an application. Numbers were selected at random that matched up with application numbers, determining who will get a seasonal site.

The park decreased its number of seasonal sites from 178 to 88. Sullivan County Mayor Richard Venable said they’re trying to bring in more daily campers to enjoy the park.

“Well, it became quite unmanageable for us to have that many permanent sites,” said Venable. “We have people who have been here for four years. And the park really wasn’t available for daily use and daily opportunities.”

During the two-week closing period, county officials were able to prepare for the upcoming season.

“We’re kind of cleaning up the mess, we’ve got garbage bags all over the park, we’ve got things that people have left us,” said Venable. “We’ve only had a couple weeks to do it and so it’s a continuing process.”

Venable also said other changes will be coming this season. Some of those changes include upgrading bathroom facilities and creating separate entrances for the campers and the people using the boat ramp to reduce traffic.

Observation Knob Park is a special place for campers that have stayed for years in the summer. Michelle Kennedy was one of the campers who received a seasonal spot in the drawing.

“We’ve been coming here since I was a child, and my kids were raised here, so it means a lot,” said Kennedy. “Even though I’ve shared that same spot for 20 years, someone else can have just as much memories as I do.”

The park will open this Saturday, April 1.