NORTON, Va. (WJHL) —Almost two and a half years ago, Norton Police Chief James Lane was on the job when something almost unimaginable happened.

He was shot several times in his arms, pelvis and in his bulletproof vest while responding to a shoplifting incident.

Tuesday, James Buckland was found guilty on multiple charges related to the shooting in which Lane was injured.

Lane gave testimony in the trial, which got underway Thursday.

“It was emotional to go back over and actually watch the video and also describe what took place,” he told News Channel 11 a day after the trial wrapped up.

Lane’s injuries left him with difficulty using both hands and kept him out of the office for almost two years

Lane said he was motivated to fight through years of physical therapy, re-learning how to walk and to return to the career he loves.

“I’ve done this all my life,” Lane said. “I feel it’s my calling, and I want to be able to finish my career the way that I had planned.”

As of Wednesday, Lane is restricted to working from his desk and continuing with six hours of physical therapy each week.

“Every day is impacted because of mobility,” Lane said.

He uses a special keyboard and mouse to this day to accommodate injuries in his hands.

With James Buckland found guilty of multiple charges related to Lane’s shooting, Lane said he’s ready to move forward with the lesson he’s learned since May 2021.

“Live every day as if it’s your last,” said Lane. “Enjoy the small things, the simple things. Sometimes they’re the most important.”

Lane told News Channel 11 he’s also bringing his experience during the 2021 incident back to the police department.

“Anything that can be learned from what happened on May the 7th is definitely important,” Lane said. “One of the goals that I have now since it did occur and just really to try to put into words how much I really appreciate everyone’s support.”

Buckland’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Jan. 9.