BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Northeast State Community College (NESCC) has seen a spike in dual enrollment.

A release from the college states that for the first time in school history, there are more dual enrollment students in the spring semester than the fall. NESCC High School Program Director Shelby McKenzie reported almost 1,000 high school students are enrolled in spring courses at the college.

NESCC reports that number is almost 100 higher than previous spring semesters.

The release states that the increase in dual enrollment followed a vote by Tennessee leaders to increase free college course options for high school students.

“Many high school students are taking advantage of the five free college courses,” McKenzie said in the release. “When the state increased the number of college courses high school students could take at no cost, many added more courses to their dual enrollment schedules.”

NESCC’s Career and Technical Dual Enrollment Program also offers students the chance to earn credits in hands-on fields. Those courses include instruction in welding, health care, cyber security and programming for students hoping to enter the workforce, the release states.

According to NESCC, the college’s University Parallel Dual Enrollment Program allows students who plan to earn a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university to earn transferrable credits. Those classes include Gen Ed courses.

“Courses within this program are designed to transfer to colleges and universities across the state of Tennessee,” Mckenzie stated. 

To learn more regarding the college’s dual enrollment offerings, click here.