SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Bluff City Board of Mayor and Aldermen has again failed to accept an alderwoman’s resignation.

A vote wasn’t held during the special called meeting Tuesday night since a motion to accept Heather Moritz’s resignation was not seconded.

Moritz submitted a letter last week stating she wanted to resign from the Bluff City Board of Mayor and Aldermen for personal reasons. The board held a meeting on Friday, where they denied that request.

Bluff City Mayor Jeff Broyles said the town wants to make sure it makes the right decision.

“In my opinion, the board’s reservation to decide is just to assure that we’re moving forward ethically and legally, and the public is completely aware of our actions to police our own board,” Broyles said.

One citizen said that they want to know why Moritz wants to tender her resignation.

“I had hoped tonight that the board would tell us exactly what’s going on,” said Carolyn Payne. “Why Heather Moritz wants to tender her resignation.”

Mayor Broyles said he called for the second meeting so the board could have counsel present. City attorney Paul Frye was there to provide legal advice.

“We did not have counsel present,” said Broyles in regard to Friday’s meeting. “And I believe, in my opinion at least, that the board had reservations. Hence, we voted–or they voted no. So as a second action, I scheduled a special called meeting for this [Tuesday] evening with counsel present to reconsider the resignation for personal reasons.”

A motion to reconsider Moritz’s resignation was filed, however, it failed to receive a second, so a vote did not take place.

Another special called meeting is scheduled for Thursday night at 6 p.m.