JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Niswonger Children’s Hospital hosted a special “Spooky Trail” trick-or-treating event Tuesday for kids at the hospital.

Niswonger leaders said more than 100 Ballad team members, boosters, ETSU students and others went through pediatric wards this morning to distribute candy to children.

Areas visited by staff, who were dressed up in many kid-favorite costumes, include the hospital’s outpatient clinic, pediatric floor and pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

A treat bag was hung on each child’s door for staff to stop by, say hi and leave some candy. Niswonger Children’s Network CEO Chris Jett dressed as Oscar the Grouch. He told News Channel 11 that events like this help make pediatric patients’ stay during holidays more enjoyable.

“If you think about it, when you’re cooped up in a hospital, it doesn’t feel great,” he said. “But being able to have visitors, being able to have characters come see you, it makes the child’s stay much more enjoyable.”

Jett said he wants to make sure kids do not miss out on festivities just because they’re spending time in the hospital.

“When you think about a patient and child who is hospitalized, it’s really tough all the time, but especially during a holiday such as Halloween. So being able to do this helps the child not miss some of the things that children get to enjoy throughout the year.”

Staff spent time walking to each child’s room, giving them treats and letting them see the many costumes worn.