JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – What started as selling hand-sewn bandanas for dogs has evolved into much more.

Emily Hensley says her love for animals has led her to a different type of career path. She’s a licensed vet tech who’s now providing services for families of all incomes in her own, unique way.

“I backed off my schedule at the veterinary clinic to focus on this full time,” said Hensley. “I have been in love with animals for as long as I can remember. In the veterinary industry, we’re seeing that shift of people wanting to focus more on their animals than they ever have in the past. We’re seeing animals live longer because people are putting that time and energy into their animals now as if they’re part of the family.”

She started about two years ago sewing bandanas for friends and family, and soon after, taking her side gig to local festivals at their request. Once she had the chance to interact with the community in this capacity, she said she found a greater need for more cost-effective pet services in the region.

“To me, this is like everyone needs a babysitter for their child, and now that people are shifting their focus to pets being more of a family member, everybody needs a babysitter for their pets too,” she said.

She said her new location on West Market Street does a little bit of everything, such as offering basic grooming, boarding, doggie daycare, and more.

Hensley said these services aren’t only helping your pets, but pets across the region as well.

“A portion of everything that we do here between product sales and the boarding and all the money that we take in, a pretty significant portion gets donated back out to local shelters and rescues,” said Hensley.

Styled for Pets is open now and located at 3743 W. Market St. in Johnson City.