ABINGDON, Va. (WJHL) — A dedication ceremony was held for a new splash pad at the Meadows Sports Complex in Abingdon on Sunday.

“Over a period of seven years, we were successful through Rotary Frolics and various other projects to raise $100,000 towards the splash pad that we have here today, and the town matched that,” said Abingdon Rotary Club member, Wayne Austin.

Town Manager Mike Cochran helped design the splash pad by adding bricks to the perimeter.

“The brick is original to the Meadows site, so we were able to repurpose it and retain some of the character,” said Abingdon Mayor, Amanda Pillion.

Pillion says the splash pad adds more activities for the many visitors who come to the sports complex.

“There were maybe 18,000 people here yesterday for a baseball tournament,” said Pillion. “So this whole area is just bringing people together, getting people outside, getting people moving.”

She says the new addition is great for parents who bring multiple children to the sports complex.

“Being a parent of a child who used to play travel baseball who was dragging younger children along to the ballpark, this would have been amazing,” said Pillion “Because, you’re always looking for something to do with the other kids.”

Austin and Pillion believe places like this splash pad is what make Abingdon a welcoming town.

“Abingdon is an easy sell,” said Austin. “I enjoy traveling and when I get out, I just bubble over talking with people about Abingdon and what we have to offer and things like the splash pad.” 

“When you’re traveling around and you’re thinking about moving somewhere, it’s great when you see a place like this where everybody is able to come together and it just makes it feel welcome for everyone,” said Pillion.

The splash pad is dedicated in memory of Abingdon Rotary Club member Julie Finney.

The splash pad is open seven days a week free of charge from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.