Florida officials released hundreds of documents in the case of an Abingdon, Virginia woman accused of dressing up as a clown and murdering a woman in Florida.

Last September, investigators arrested Sheila Keen Warren in Washington County, Virginia.

West Palm Beach police said evidence led them to her as they investigated the death of Marlene Warren on May 26, 1990.   Warren’s husband later married the murder suspect.

Police said Keen Warren dressed as a clown and appeared at Marlene Warren’s home carrying a flower arrangement and balloons and shot Marlene at point blank range as she opened the door.    

The new documents released Thursday indicate Keen Warren was a possible suspect within hours after the murder.

Autopsy results also were made public Tuesday.  

CBS12.com reports four people watched the murder happen.  One was Marlene Warren’s son.

Here’s a LINK to the News Channel 11’s report when Keen Warren was arrested last year.

This is a developing story.  Look for updates on News Channel 11 and here on WJHL.com.