ABINGDON, Va. (WJHL) — The Town of Abingdon hosted a grand opening event for a new skill and pump track at the Meadows Sports Complex on Monday.

Mayor Amanda Pillion told News Channel 11 that local kids and bicyclists met with leaders early on regarding what they’d like to see, and the town delivered with a pump track catered toward those of all skill levels and ages.

“We had a meeting early on, and a lot of the kids who are riding today came to the input meeting and told us the kind of things they would like to have, and the kind of things they would like to see,” she said. “So we had some people who know a lot about this who helped us along the way.”

The track is located adjacent to the Creeper Trail at the Meadows Sports Complex, and Mayor Pillion said this makes stopping by to have some fun with ramps and jumps a breeze.

“We’re adjacent to the Creeper Trail, so people can come on and off the trail and, you know, and enjoy this as they ride their bikes on the Creeper Trail.”

The site features an asphalt section and lots of wooden wall ride areas, ramps and turns. Pump tracks are designed for skaters or cyclists to ride without pedaling or putting feet on the ground by moving their legs in a “pumping” motion.

The track is open daily from dawn until dusk, Abingdon leaders said. Riders are encouraged to wear helmets, pads and gloves. Everyone on the track is urged to read the posted guidelines and safety rules at the site.

The Meadows Sports Complex is located at 78 Cook Street in Abingdon.