JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The new owner of the former Atomik Comics store in Johnson City hopes to create a place where downtown natives can get necessities – and a drink.

The property on E Main St. is adjacent to Holy Taco Cantina and directly across the street from the Johnson City Black Olive location.

New owner Sanjay Bakshi told News Channel 11 that he was not sure what to do with the space six months ago after acquiring it, but he began to see a need downtown for those living there.

“A lot of people are living downtown now so we want to create a space where they can come buy their general necessities they need on a daily basis: groceries, toiletries, sundries, things like that,” Bakshi said.

Photo: WJHL

Bakshi hopes to turn the yet-to-be-named store into a new city center where downtown residents and other shoppers can meet up with their friends.

“Also, we’re going to make it a kind of fun atmosphere with a cool downtown vibe,” he said. “There’ll be a bar with like local beers and wine, and we’ll rotate those out seasonally so people come have a drink, shop, just meet up with their friends and just have a good time.”

Bakshi also said there are plans to rent out apartments on the second floor.

Bakshi also wants to pay homage to the original structure and maintain part of the history of downtown Johnson City.

“We want to keep the original architecture that was from the early 1900s, and so we’re trying to make sure that stays in place but still give it a newer vibe,” Bakshi said.

Bakshi told News Channel 11 that the store is still in the planning phase and hopes to open for business sometime in the first quarter of next year.