KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Tucked away in the hills on the outskirts of Kingsport lies six acres now bursting with color. That color comes from flowers and buds on all kinds of vegetables, trees, shrubs, and more.

Sibley Farms is the newest member of the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce and the childhood dream come true of owner Wendy Sibley.

She and her husband, Jeff, lived on a hill near what is now Sullivan Central Middle School and in July 2021, moved to the bottom of the hill to start Sibley Farms along Shadowtown Road.

Wendy had previously worked at Good Hope Garden Center along Memorial Boulevard just a short distance away, but when it closed, she and her then co-worker Jessica Strong realized their potential, and Sibley became a farmer.

Employee Jessica Strong joins Sibley Farms owners Jeff and Wendy Sibley in the ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce.

“I’ve learned by doing,” Sibley said. “And I wanted to do this.”

Everything from seeds to vegetable plants to annuals to perennials, trees, and shrubs, Sibley Farms has a little bit of everything, she said.

“We just keep bringing in a little more and a little more. Anything we find unique and different. We try to bring a little bit in so we have things that you might not find everywhere else,” she said. “And then we have all the common things that you might expect to find.”

The Sibleys bought the property but didn’t break ground until August 2021.

“None of this was here. It was a pasture. So we have been very busy. Electric and water and houses and driveways and gravel and all the things you don’t even think about had to be done,” Sibley said.

Her trusted helper, Strong, was there for the entire journey.

“Oh, this is beyond belief. Like we just started this in August of last year, broke ground in August, and this is really happening,” Strong said with palpable excitement.

The farm currently boasts one greenhouse and one protection house, among other features.

“The protection house that protects everything cool in the wintertime, we have white plastic that goes over the top of it during the winter so that just keeps the temperatures controlled,” Strong said. “So the weather, the craziness, don’t harm the plants. Then the greenhouse, that’s where we grow everything.”

The farm has electricity, but that isn’t how the greenhouse is temperature-controlled, she explained.

“So it is temperature regulated by a biomass furnace. So we chop wood all year and then stoke it, and that heats the greenhouse,” Strong said.

She suggested customers visit the farm regularly as inventory will rotate.

“We’re constantly expanding,” Sibley said. “So we’re adding things all the time. We have lots of plans for the future to keep adding a whole lot more. So it’s a little bit different every week.”

The six acres aren’t fully developed yet, with many plans on the horizon.

“We wanted to be able to say that we’re legitimate, it’s not just a farm,” Sibley said. “It’s not just somebody’s growing vegetables in their backyard. We are actually a farm with a business on it, and it’s a nursery. So we’re doing all different kinds of things. We’ve got all kinds of expansion plans. We have a lot of acreage that we can use.”

The farm is located at 410 Shadowtown Rd, Kingsport, TN 37617.

The grand opening will be Saturday at 9 a.m. with plenty of sales for newcomers.