GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Depot Street project is getting close to completion, and the town is ready to fill vacant buildings downtown with new businesses.

“I remember when Greeneville was bustling all the time,” said Jann Mirkov, Executive Director of Main Street Greeneville. “We had a lot of retail restaurants, we had a variety of things that were part of everybody’s everyday life.”

Mirkov told News Channel 11 that she hopes to see downtown filled with people again and that the growth of the town is bringing in more businesses. One business new to downtown is the Coal Miners Daughter Mercantile.

“The business is based on bringing small businesses together under one roof,” said shop owner Tabitha Estep. “I have 25 vendors, they’re all mixed in here.”

The Coal Miners Daughter Mercantile is currently located on Main Street next to the Catalyst Coffee House. Estep said her goal is to move her shop to West Depot Street.

“Depot is supposed to be coming back to life and we want it to be on Depot,” said Estep. “We like Main Street also, but we needed a little bigger space, there wasn’t a bigger space on Main, but there was one on Depot.”

According to Mirkov, the revitalization of downtown and bringing new shops to Depot Street will bring more people to Greeneville.

“We’ve redone an infrastructure feature that is over a hundred years old and have modernized it,” said Mirkov. “That will allow us to bring in shops to do some things and to gain activity.”

Town leaders say they have plans to bring more shops, restaurants and apartments to the downtown area.