BRISTOL, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Bristol Tennessee Police Department (BTPD) has a new member of the force with a nose for finding drugs.

According to a Tuesday release from the BTPD, K9 Nash has joined the department as Sgt. Joe Newman’s partner. Nash is a German Shorthair Pointer trained to detect narcotics like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. The release states Nash started his police career in Indiana.

When Nash’s previous handler was promoted and transferred out of his police department’s K9 Unit, he started searching for a new place for Nash to work and use his energy.

The previous handler saw the BTPD’s announcement that K9 Scout — Sgt. Newman’s previous partner for the better part of a decade — had just retired. He decided to donate Nash to the BTPD, which the release says resulted in “tremendous savings to local taxpayers.”

K9 Nash and his partner Sgt. Joe Newman

BTPD Chief Matt Austin expressed gratitude to the Seymour Indiana Police Department for donating Nash and said he is optimistic about having the K9 unit at the department.

“K9s have unique skills that make them valuable members of any law enforcement agency, but there is a significant financial cost to acquiring a dog that is well suited for police work and a significant time commitment to complete the required training,” Austin said in the release. “We’re extremely fortunate that those within the Seymour Police Department made that initial investment and then allowed us to welcome Nash to our department. He and Sgt. Newman are still getting to know each other, but they’ve already demonstrated an amazing ability to work together that will serve this department and our community for many years.”

Nash and Sgt. Newman have already gained certification to work together as a narcotics detection team and currently patrol Bristol streets, assist in specialized traffic stops and visit schools “as a drug deterrent.”

When they are not on the clock, Nash resides with Newman and his family at their home.

Newman described Nash as “extremely energetic, friendly, and loves to work,” which is typical of German Shorthair Pointers who are most-often used for hunting purposes.