SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA (WJHL) — The Mount Rogers Health District announced a new Spanish-speaking telephone helpline to better communicate with members of the public.

A release from the district said bilingual staff members will be available to answer non-medical-related questions, schedule appointments and assist with other public health services. The release said although the staff cannot give medical advice, they can schedule a Spanish-speaking nurse to provide a call back.

Mount Rogers Health District leaders said much time was put into providing Spanish print/paper and online materials to the public, but verbal Spanish communication was still lacking. This new helpline will give the community a guaranteed option to discuss public health services in Spanish, the release said.

“We continue to make it a priority to ensure we are able to provide a variety of ways in which our community can easily access our services,” said Meagan Helmick, director for Mount Rogers Health District. “Our helpline is another way we are making progress in reducing barriers and increasing accessibility to our services for all of our residents.”

Operating hours for the Spanish-speaking helpline are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The number for the helpline is 276-238-6105.