Mother speaks out after 2 charged in fatal crash that killed her son


Five months after her thirteen-year-old son was killed in a crash on the VA campus in Johnson City, two people accused in the case will soon go to trial.

Bryson Arnett’s mother spoke to News Channel 11.

According to federal court documents obtained by News Channel 11, Logan Oxendine and Alicia Carver were indicted by a federal grand jury earlier this month.

Elizabeth Kuebel spoke to Bryson’s mother who said five months after the death of her child she still can’t believe he’s gone.

The months since Carolyn Arnett lost her son Bryson have been incredibly hard. Bryson’s mom says she even had to move to Greeneville to get away from re-living painful memories every time she drove by the site of that car crash.

Tonight, she’s at peace, she says, now knowing two people face federal charges.

“I asked God, I said God let him come back and just take me, I’ll take his place,” Arnett said.

Investigators say 13-year-old Bryson Arnett was killed in a car crash back in November 2017.

Days later, family and friends held a vigil in his honor.

“He’s in heaven, I know he’s in heaven,” Arnett said.

Bryson was a seventh grader at Sulphur Springs School.

His mom says he loved sports and music.

The months since his passing, she says, have been grueling.

“I miss his voice. I miss him running, coming in telling me ‘I love you mom,”‘ she said.

Just this month, a break-through in the investigation.

“I’m so happy that they got them and they got caught,” Arnett said.

According to federal court documents, a federal grand jury indicted Logan Oxendine and Alicia Carver. It is a federal case because the crash happened on VA property.

Bryson’s mom says she knew, and loved, the two accused in this case.

“I forgive them. It’s hard to say that but I do, I forgive them,” said Arnett.

Still, she is hoping for justice.

“I just hope they get what they deserve,” she said.

Details surrounding the crash were not included in the court documents. Both Oxendine and Carver were given a trial date of June 12. It’s expected to last two days.

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