BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – From down-home diner to high-energy axe-hurling parlor, Mother Chuckers is preparing to host some pointy entertainment next week.

While the name might initially raise questions, it fits right in with the no-jokes-barred atmosphere of the new business at 1500 Euclid Avenue that occupies the former site of Mother’s Restaurant, a community staple of Bristol, Virginia.

Photo: WJHL

“We wanted to keep as much as we could, as well as add our own style,” Steven Pierce, co-owner of Mother Chuckers said. “The bar area is the original bar, so a few of those ideas that we just wanted to try and give a little bit of the old, but add a little bit of new with it so that there’s a happy medium.”

Much of the new business is built from the old one, from reclaimed wood to the naming homage that Pierce hopes will draw in area natives that knew it when it operated under its old name. Now, the venue operates as an all-around entertainment space complete with a performance stage, lounge and food service with several lanes for axe throwing.

“This is a place that you can have a good time, have fun, get some exercise in,” Pierce said. “Whether it’s raining outside, whether it’s sunny outside, we’re going to try and have a comfortable environment for you.”

Pierce said he hopes the variety will bring customers back again and again as they learn a new skill and have fun. Before their full opening on August 5, Mother Chuckers will host several limited events to try the space out and give staff the opportunity to train.

“We just want to make sure we serve the public well, and we can’t do that without feedback. So you take something and you try to do the best you can with it, but ultimately you really don’t know until everyone gets in here doing stuff.”

For $20 per-person per-hour, groups can take turns hurling blades at bulls-eye targets, tic-tac-toe boards or a horde of zombie heads that get popped one by one — if you’re accurate enough. Safety attendants will be distributed throughout the building to teach new throwers and prevent any danger to guests.

For more information on guest rates and party availability, visit Mother Chuckers’ website.