JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Model Mill has officially opened its doors in Johnson City.

On Friday, the Model Mill held a ribbon cutting for its official opening, and Lauren Jones, co-owner of Crumb Bakeshop, was okay with waiting over three years for the opening because she was happy to know it was coming to the area.

“We loved the location, we liked being close to the Tree Streets and we’re excited about people being able to walk from their community to here. We knew the renovation of the street – West Walnut – was coming so we were excited about that as well. We were okay with waiting because we were happy to know it was coming,” said Jones.

The Johnson City Chamber purchased the building back in 2008.

Bob Cantler, president and CEO of the Chamber, told News Channel 11 that the Model Mill is hopefully the front door for the community for business.

“If you are moving to Johnson City and want to start a business, we want you to come to the Chamber. It reflects kind of who we are, our Chamber is 107 years old and this building is over 100 years old, and it’s been repurposed to be relevant today,” said Cantler.

In 2016, Summers-Taylor, Inc. took over the project.

“We’ve done a few buildings, a few renovations downtown. I love doing that. I love old buildings. And when we were looking for some office space this was the biggest unrejuvenated building,” said Grant Summers, president of Summers Taylor R&G Ventures. “We are very excited about it. We are very excited about it being a catalyst for more development, not just us but for other people.”

The Model Mill currently houses Summers-Taylor, Baker-Donelson law firm, Crumb Bakeshop, the Johnson City Chamber, and various ETSU offices.