(WJHL) – Major League Baseball is raising the minimum salary for players in the minor league starting in 2021. That’s according to a report from The Associated Press.

“The raises come as MLB is negotiating with the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, the governing body of the minors, to replace the Professional Baseball Agreement that expires after the 2020 seasons. MLB proposed cutting 42 of the 160 required affiliated teams during those negotiations, a plan criticized by small-town fans and politicians at the local and national level.”

In a response to that proposal, many local leaders across the Tri-Cities passed resolutions supporting their minor league teams. Of those 42 teams that faced a cut, 5 teams from Northeast Tennessee would have been included.

Major League Baseball has since said that it has “no plans” to eliminate MiLB teams.

MiLB said, in part, that is supports the decision to raise players’ pay rates. They also said the principal goal remains the same: to preserve Minor League Baseball in as many communities as possible.

You can you MiLB’s full statement below:

Minor League Baseball fully supports MLB’s decision to raise the pay rates for players in affiliated Minor League Baseball. This is an important step as we seek to work together to improve working conditions for players without reducing the number of players and teams. Minor League Baseball believes MLB can afford these salary increases without reducing the number of players by 25 percent. We have provided MLB with a specific proposal on how we can work together to ensure improvements to older facilities and reduce travel between series through limited realignment. We look forward to continued good faith negotiations with our colleagues at MLB and our principal goal remains to preserve Minor League Baseball in as many communities as possible.”