JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – On Friday afternoon, Milligan University will host a first-of-its-kind event to honor a student killed earlier this year.

The athletes are set to honor a fallen peer on the track tomorrow in the form of the “Eli Cramer Invitational.”

Milligan University Cross Country and track team member Eli Cramer was killed while out on a practice run in Williamsburg, Virginia. Police said a drunk driver hit him and two other teammates and then tried to get away.

To honor his legacy and bring together other local teams, the invitational will take place on Friday starting at 2 p.m. for women and 2:45 p.m. for men. The public is invited to cheer them on.

“This was a very, very tragic event,” said University President Dr. Bill Greer. “But like a lot of tragic events do, it brought a lot of people together.”

Eli’s teammates are taking their grit and perseverance and hoping it translates onto the track this fall.

“We’re looking to win again,” Milligan Cross Country & Track runner Pablo Rivas said. “I think this time with a greater purpose, and I think this time we have you know Eli pushing us from behind.”