JONESBOROUGH, Tenn (WJHL) — When someone thinks of parents and their children being too close, it often can be put in a negative connotation. But one Jonesborough mother-daughter duo’s relationship has landed them on TLC’S ‘sMothered.’

Cathy Ellison and her daughter Ashley Hefner do almost everything together.

“When we get bored, it’s dangerous,” Ashley Hefner said in the promotional piece for the show. “She talked me into getting my first tattoo because she didn’t want to get one alone…so I got one too.”

The two have gotten six tattoos together, live next door to each other and now star on the reality show together.

“I was working on a pilot on another show that was being produced and that producer thought my mom and I were funny and thought we’d be great for this show,” Hefner explained. “One thing led to another and here we are.”

Being close, having similar personalities, and looking alike aren’t the only things the duo is known for.

“We seem to have the same taste in men and that is disastrous,” Ellison said in the promotional piece.

“We have actually ended up dating the same guy a few times. The problem is if a guy is attracted to me…obviously he’s going to be attracted to her,” Hefner said. “Honestly, we are like a ‘taste’…obviously, I can’t blame them.”

The family moved to Jonesborough from Tampa last year, about a month before filming started.

“It’s been fun. Honestly, I’m actually a really private person. It’s all fun and games when you’re filming but then you see it on TV and you’re like, ‘what?'” Ellison explained of the filming process.

Her daughter had a different take on the cameras being around.

“I’ve loved every minute of it. I like being in the limelight and out there,” Hefner said. “I thought it was a lot of fun.”

Along with Ashley, Cathy has another daughter Samantha, her son Cameron, and five grandchildren.

“Mom and I don’t spend any time together…ever,” Samantha said in a promotional piece. “My sister and my mother’s relationship makes me feel left out…I get excluded.”

The two have received some pushback from those who have watched their relationship dynamics.

“My kids are my best friends. I’m sorry I think a lot of haters out there are whose kids call them once a year if even that,” Ellison said. “I’m sorry that you didn’t build a closer bond to where your kids want to keep in touch with you. I’m not judging your lifestyle.”

Ellison says she’s close with all three of her kids and has a different bond with each of them.

“I love my kids more than anything in this world and my grandkids. We have a great bond. We’re best friends. We do everything together. I’m like, if they can’t ask me…who can they ask?” Ellison said.

Hefner says she is close with both of her siblings as well, helping to raise her brother.

“He is also kind of like my son,” Hefner said.”I also spoil him rotten…that’s another thing that bonds mom and I too…we both spoil Cameron rotten.”

Despite the name of the show, the two say they don’t feel ‘sMothered’ at all.

“Having this close of a bond really gives you a strong sense of security to know that no matter what my mom is going to be there and have my back,” Ashley said. “There’s just something about that that makes you feel like you’re never alone.”

You can watch Cathy, Ashley, and their entire family on ‘sMothered’ Monday nights at 9 p.m. on T.L.C.