Man who escapes cave to call 911 thankful for rescue teams


One day after five men were rescued from a cave in Southwest Virginia, News Channel 11 spoke one-on-one with the cave explorer who called 911.

The five men entered what’s known as ‘Cyclops Cave’ Friday night and were unable to get out.

Rescuers located the men about a football field’s length from the cave’s entrance.

Authorities identify five people rescued from Cyclops Cave on Sunday

The entire rescue mission took more than 10 hours to complete. 

News Channel 11’s Kristen Gallant spoke to 22-year-old Andrew Webb on Monday, the man who managed to climb out of the cave and call 911 for help.

“Well we went in like a family trip type of deal. We started coming back out Saturday evening about 7:40/ 7:50 something like that. We made it up four drop offs. We got to where we was stuck. You just couldn’t go no more,” said web. 

Andrew able to make it out without a rope.
“I just climbed up. They was all pretty cold and thirsty cause we ran out of drinks and it was cold down there cause it was all wet” 

Webb said his family has been caving before. He himself has been in over twenty, but he says non as big as Cyclops. 

“My family they’ve all been in caves. That’s the first time that anything like this has ever happened. Just mud got us. That’s the biggest cave I’ve ever been in. It gets massive. There’s a river down there,” he said. 

He said his family had asked the property owners brother in the past for permission to explore the cave, but not this time. 

“That’s the third time I’ve been in it. If we didn’t know we had proper permission we wouldn’t have went.” 
Now hes giving advice to other cavers, and glad that everyone came out safe.

“It’s awesome. Everybody is feeling a lot better. I appreciate every single person that showed up. I think that every single one of those cavers did a tremendous job. If you’re going to cave take some classes. Do it proper,” said Webb.

Andrew was at the rescue all day Sunday briefing the experienced cavers on how to find the other five men. 

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