APPALACHIA, Va. (WJHL) – A man has been arrested and charged after a brawl at a high school soccer match in Appalachia, Virginia.

Wise County Sheriff Grant Kilgore told News Channel 11 the altercation occurred during Monday night’s Union and Ridgeview High School boys’ soccer match-up in Appalachia.

Video obtained by News Channel 11 showed a chaotic scene as people were pushed down the stadium’s concrete steps.

Video provided by Aaron Spears; audio muted due to profanity

Donald Guerrant, 24, from Wise was charged with assault and battery after the fight.

Kilgore said his office is working with the Commonwealth’s Attorney to determine if further charges will be pursued.

Law enforcement officers at the game were able to break up the brawl, but some people did sustain injuries.

A Wise County investigator told News Channel 11 five people were taken to the hospital by ambulance for their injuries.

That investigator did not comment on the extent of the injuries, but did one say one of the people transported was unrelated to the brawl.

In a statement, Wise County Public Schools said they do not condone the actions of the fans at the game.

“Sportsmanship is of the utmost importance at all sporting events and this type of behavior is unacceptable,” the statement read. “We would like to remind all spectators to honor the hard work of our student-athletes and to conduct themselves appropriately.”

Kilgore said this is an ongoing investigation and asked for cooperation from the public as the investigation continues.