JOHNSON CITY, Tenn (WJHL) — A Johnson City teen will ride in style thanks to his wish being granted by Make-A-Wish East Tennessee on Wednesday afternoon.

Nicholas, a leukemia survivor, was gifted a new dirt bike that he wished for. Nicholas, now 19 years old, battled leukemia three years ago.

Make-A-Wish East Tennessee and the Power Tool Company teamed up to make this wish come true. Power Tool Company President Chris Blocker said he’d heard of Nicholas a few months ago and wanted to step in to make his dream come true.

“A young man entering adulthood already being through what he’s been through is nice to be a part of,” Blocker said.

Blocker said that they’ve had a strong partnership with Make-A-Wish East Tennessee for a long time. He said that it’s an organization that brings plenty of sunshine to the lives of many.

This isn’t the first wish that Blocker and Power Tool Company has been involved in. However, this is the first that Blocker has gotten to see in person.

“It’s just great to be a part of it,” Blocker said. “Especially when you know the folks who are receiving these wishes, at some point recently, faced some pretty serious issues.”

Blocker said that he’s certain that he’ll continue to keep a strong partnership with Make-A-Wish and will continue to grant wishes. During News Channel 11’s telethon with the non-profit Thursday, Blocker presented a $30,000 donation from Power Tool Company to Make-A-Wish East Tennessee.