GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – For over two years, the Depot Street revitalization project in downtown Greeneville has been ongoing; but now, town leaders said that work is complete.

In early October, Greeneville’s Main Street was closed off as a final part of the project. This part of the project focused on updating the lights, roads and infrastructure at the intersection of East and West Depot Street.

“It’s a wonderful project because we needed the infrastructure in order to grow,” said Jann Mirkov, Executive Director of Main Street: Greeneville. “They had worked on Depot Street, and then they had to connect everything together. So that required taking the intersection, making changes there, and also making changes to sidewalks, accessibility, ADA, and bringing everything up to code.”

The road officially reopened on Thursday.

Mayor of Greeneville Cal Doty and his wife Jolynn live on Main Street. Jolynn owns a business directly below their home.

While Jolynn’s business was not directly affected by the construction, she said she had heard the excitement about Depot Street’s reopening by visitors.

“People are so excited,” said Jolynn. “They were very excited when Main Street reopened last Thursday because they didn’t have to park down by my business to walk up the hill. So they’re super excited about Depot Street.”

Both store owners and Greeneville residents are feeling the relief of the road re-opening. Doty said the completion came at the right time: ahead of the holidays.

“I think everybody’s just ready for it to happen,” said Jolynn. “And Christmas, Christmas time is just going to be the best on Main Street this year.”

Mayor Doty said the impact of the re-opening is already being felt, with residents already back on the street.

“I’ve seen more people walking and running and having their dogs and their families going up and down Main Street and up and down Depot Street even with the construction going on,” said Mayor Doty. “So I think people are happy with it being open.”

According to both Doty and Mirkov, a ribbon cutting will be held on December 2 to officially open up the street.