ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) – As football fans prepare for the Super Bowl, local restaurants prepare to feed them.

Restaurants across the Tri-Cities braced for the big game Sunday by making sure their supplies were topped off.

“My truck was almost double the amount that it is on a normal week,” said Chris Davis, general manager of Marco’s Pizza in Johnson City.

In Elizabethton, J’s Corner saw a spike in pick-up orders ahead of the Super Bowl.

“I’d say tomorrow, we’re going to send out almost 100 dozen wings if not more than that,” said J’s Corner owner and co-operator John Wilcox.

According to Wilcox, the big game results in a massive boon for local businesses.

“When we’re not normally open on Sundays, it really helps when you have a big event like the Super Bowl comes and gives you a reason to stay open,” Wilcox said. “We’ll just be open 11-4, but in those five hours, we’re able to make up a day of business, and that really helps.”

Restaurants are making sure they have enough staff to handle the influx of orders Sunday.

“I have prepped up enough people to where everybody on my schedule is here right now,” Davis said.

Davis told News Channel 11 that the Super Bowl usually results in Marco’s busiest day of the year.