BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL)- The Boone Lake Association held its 24th annual Boone Lake Cleanup Day on Saturday. The event consisted of 5 designated locations around the lake, where volunteers spent time picking up trash and debris.

Bill Babik said he has been volunteering for the lake cleanup since it started.

“I’m trying to get as much as possible awareness of what’s going on at the lake,” said Babik. “Because it means a lot I mean, we’ve seen this lake when you couldn’t even swim in it.”

Hundreds of volunteers came out to the Boone Lake Cleanup Day.

“We see a lot of trash in this lake,” said Babik. “When we’re on the water and we also see a lot at our lakeside house.”

Volunteers received a raffle ticket for every bag of trash they collected, organizers said. After trash had been cleared from the lake, volunteers and event coordinators met at Winged Deer Park for music, food and fun.

Gary Williams is one of the event coordinators for the lake cleanup day.

“The idea is to get community participation and have everybody come out, and feel like they’re a part of it,” said Williams. “Even though you may not live on the lake, you can still take part.”

The Boone Lake Cleanup Day occurs every year around the end of April.

“We also see people throwing out their bottles and their cans and they’re floating in the lake,” said Babik. “So If you can get people to think about that, and that will help their awareness of how this is really a nice, beautiful place to enjoy.”